Barnsley Festival Chairman Steps Down

At the Barnsley Youth Music and Drama Festival (formerly Co-operative Youth Music and Drama Festival) AGM which took place on 6th June 2018 it was announced that after 35 years of dedicated service Margaret Venables would step down from the Festival Committee due to continued ill health. Margaret had been chairman and co-ordinator of music, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, not only of music but also of the British and International Federation of Festival for Music, Dance and Speech of which she is President. Unfortunately Margaret’ husband, Aubrey, who was also very active with the Festival had also decided to step down due to time spent caring for his wife over recent months. It was with great sadness, but understanding, that the committee had accepted their resignations but agreed that both Margaret and Aubrey should be honoured with Life Membership of the Festival in gratitude for their past service and in the sincere hope that both of them will take an active interest in the Festival in the future, as and when Margaret’s health improves.

The role of Chairman has been taken over by the previous Vice Chairman, Marione Brown – co-ordinator of Speech and Drama. Helen Ingham from The Barnsley Real Music Centre, will take over the role of co-ordinator of Music . Helen has been Margaret’s assistant in co-ordinating the music aspect of the Festival for a number of years now.