Special Award Winners 2017

Special Award Winners for 2016. Below are the photographs of our Special Award Winners receiving their Trophies.

All photographs on our website or on Facebook are by courtesy of Ian Raper of Photocall www.photocallnortheast.co.uk (phone 0191 4135697)

Edwood Marwood – Fox’s Music Drama Piano Perormance Award

Alicia Booth – The Festival Committee Award

Callum Convery – Keresforth Hall Vase

Megan Swift – Ernes Frost Memoral Cup

Evangeline Barnby – Winner of the Caledonian Award Trophy

Callum Convery – Winners of the Music Rose Bowl

Emily Darrell & Harrison Tasker – Drama Rose Bowl

Silkstone Common – Winners of the IYC

Beau Brook – Drama Rep 8th Biennial Festival Championships