Special Award Winners 2018

Special Award Winners for 2018. Below are the photographs of our Special Award Winners receiving their Trophies.

Photography by Craig Mansell,  CSEventsPhotography@gmail.com

Edwood Marwood – Fox’s Music Drama Piano Perormance Award

Evangeline Barnby – The Festival Committee Award

Luke Grainger – Keresforth Hall Vase

Tilly Poskitt – Ernest Frost Memoral Cup

The RMC Vocal Quartet – Lori Grainger, Megan Embleton, Luke Grainger, Callum Convery – Winners of the Music Rose Bowl

Poppy Hammerton – Winner of the Caledonian Award for the most promising speech performer of the Festival

Daniel-Skelton & Harrison Tasker – Drama Rose Bowl

Luke and Lori Grainger – Winners of the IYC Trophy