The Torn family, from Barnby on the Marsh

“Hello, lovely to see you all at this years festival, and we will see you on friday evening. I was asked to write down my thoughts on what the Festival has given me over the years – so here they are:

As you know, we have all attended and performed at the Festival for many years, probably 16!! Rebecca and Matthew remember the days at Keresforth Hall. Many happy hours have been spent with you all, dad has always taken holiday time off work to be with you, and mum has always prepared us for everything. We have been fortunate enough to win many trophies and medals over the years, all documented, kept, displayed and treasured forever! It has also been a great honour to perform at the Friday winners concerts, sometimes very busy for us, and for Harry and I to win special awards, plates and Rosebowls and represent you at the area finals.

We have many happy memories of the festival to treasure, and have made friends with people from different parts of the country. Over the years, our talents were encouraged and allowed to flourish. Each of us have used the confidence and experience gained with you in our everyday lives and achievements.   We are all moving on in our chosen areas, Rebecca at Ted Baker, Matthew teaching, Harry farming and I am preparing for university next year. From my performances I have been able to sing for various occasions and charities and enjoyed every moment. I look forward to my final music exam, and then will be able to sing for pleasure for many occasions. Thank you all for you’re company, friendship and support over the years and all your’e hard work too. We will always remember our days with great fondness and will keep in touch, will send dad when he’s retired!! Thanks for everything, John, Karen, Rebecca, Matthew, Harry and Hannah Torn x.